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In fact what’s happen ? :

  1.  with the soft HOT generated from the straightener, we open the CUTICLES of hair, than don’t need to use chemical aggressive products to make this process;

  2. with the VAPOR make it from the plate of straightener , we bring it our amazing 4 OILS BLEND INSIDE the NUCLEO of the hair; thats REPAIR the INSIDE PART of the MOLECOLARS of vitamins, proteins, keratin, collagen Before was MISSED , than we REBUILD the original natural composition of the hair, with NATURAL ingredients !

  3. with the INFRARED technology, we close the cuticles, WITHOUT damage , that system reduce the stress of hair of the 80% of the usual professional straighteners , and sleek in perfect way the Hair !!

This NEW technology system, REPAIR any hair, 100 times much more better of any products, just because we are the ONLY treatment, we bring it INSIDE the benefits, not as any others stay OUTside the cuticle, for this we are the BEST !!!


Nucleika thanks to its innovative technology REBUILDS the damage hair, reaching the NUCLEUS. Our blend of repairing oils, conveyed through the Steam generated by the plate, will allow penetrating the outer cuticle of the hair with extreme simplicity, without damaging it.

Aggressive chemical treatments, stressful use of the hair, improper uses of products and / or equipment from today ARE NOT anymore a problem! 

With this treatment straightener  you get qualitative results never reached before nucleika will give back a second youth to hair!!!