The innovative method allows VEICULAR inside the stem, the beneficial oil created by us; reaching its innermost part, with this process, it is possible to bring a great benefit of HAIR RECONSTRUCTION, without having to absolutely use any chemical substance !!!

Activate the molecules of water and other biological molecules that naturally already exist in the hair, and it blocks the humidity inside, this allows to stimulate the negative ions, thus obtaining more tame, de-electrized hairs, and the most important condition is to retain within the hair all the beneficial properties that either already exist in the stem or which have been introduced through the delivery of our oil.

THE VAPOR, allows you to make any treatment in the hair, in total safety, even if strongly damaged; preserving any damage resulting from the heat that would occur with the use of any normal plate !
It is much safer to use on dyed hair, with highlights or dry.
Over time your hair will be much healthier and less frizzy.