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4 oils white

Nucleika Oil Therapy is composed of the
extraction of the hydrolyzed active natural
ingredients contained in

Olio di KUKUI NUT (Hawaii)


Olio di TSUBAKI (Japan)


Olio di ARGAN (Marocco)
Bacche di GOJI (Orient)


Is a blend composed from 4 OILS ;
they come to be depleted by harmful natural substances and added chemical compounds, which are usually found in hair oils;
such as HYDROFLUORIDRICO acid, alcoholic perfumes and others, all very harmful substances for the hair;
The PURE blend thus obtained is a blend of active ingredients, essential for the health of the hair,
Keratin, Vitamins, Proteins, all this within a single composed, which is conveyed through the VAPOR, and the protection given by the INFRAREDS, can today really reach the hair’s NUCLEUS, obtaining exceptional RECONSTRUCTION results!